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Steve Andras

CEO, GrateProducts™,LLC

In 2006, Steve and his team began work on his greatest invention, the GrateDrain System. The GrateDrain, along with GrateSump and GrateTrench, have changed the way basement drainage is being done. Steve pioneered the idea of closed drainage systems. He informed his local company in August 2006 that Pioneer Basement would only install closed drainage systems.


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  • Building The Brand Sump Pump Geeks
  • Customers Choosing Maintenance Plans
  • Proactive Service
  • Relationships Based On Caring


Sump Pump Geeks

Sump Pump geeks services all brands. This is very exciting and our maintenance plans are customizedto fit homeowners needs and budgets. Customers love to be protected and appreciate that can be prevented by our maintenance plans.

Nothing makes a homeowner cringe more than seeing their basement or crawlspace flooded from pumps not working. The Maintenance Plans help homeowners understand the reality of needed maintenance on their mechanical pumps.

When you ask a customer which plan would they mast likely be interested in, you are basically tolling them that one of the plans is necessary and the one they choose is ultimately up to them. Customers believe in standards and we as industry leaders must educate them to either, maintain their basement equipment or have the Sump Pump Gooks came and do it for thorn, so they have a healthy basement or crawispace.

A well maintained basement or crawlspace will help improve the health of the home and the those who occupy it.

Now is the time to start scheduling maintenances for the future. Being proactive helps lessen the stress that comes with storm conditions.

Protecting our customers is what we all want. Lowering our liability and protecting our reputation can only be accomplished through training our employees properly and implementing service plans to our customers.

Every service appointment is an opportunity to help our customer move to the next level. Educate and update maintenance plans or even upgrade them to a better plan. Now that they understand how we as the Sump Pump Geeks can help them improve the health of their home and their life, they will buy again from us and refer us too. Our relationship is based on caring for our customer, looking out for them. The advantage to our company is year after year we see the quality of our installers, we control our liability and we have the happiest customers, and we want that.

Well maintained Basements and Crawlspaces will help improve the health of the home.

The goal at Grate Products is to make every home in the world healthier by training contractors to provide their customers with products and processes that promote a healthy basement or crawl space environment. A well designed Service Department raises the bar and benefits customers, employees and your company.